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 WELCOME: As an avid sportsman, I was introduced to hunting over 35 years ago by my father. A great man whose love for the outdoors and patients to teach and instill in me the values of being an ethical hunter. The passion of chasing a giant whitetail buck in fair chase conditions.Till this day with two trophy bucks under my belt, the passion and urge still runs wild. When the leaves start to turn golden and the air turns crisp my passion burns strong to grab my gear and go. As I live my dream every chance I get I would like to show case the ordinary hunters as I, who does not have the expensive leases, the top of the line equipment, and that hunts ethically with their main focus of taking a trophy buck or a mature doe . As the hunting season progresses and trophies of the hunts become memories I would like to show the hunting community your time spent in the woods. The introduction of a young hunter or senior that takes their first deer or just the excitement of being in the outdoors. With the help of you the hunting community, I would like to make this site a force to reckon with in the hunting industry. 


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2013 Delaware Firearms Opener. My buddy Jimmy, during the morning hunt killed a nice 4 point buck. Nice deer, congratulation.
2013 Maryland Firearms Opener, buck and doe, I harvested these deer on an evening hunt. The buck was six points. Good freezer meat.
The doe was mature, approximately 4 years old.



Robin Short?s, a Delaware bruiser is a main-frame 5×5 with five additional abnormal sticker points that added up to 16 5/8 inches. With both G-3s measuring over 11 inches in length, the heavy rack netted 192 6/8 non-typical B&C points. Robin?s buck is the fourth-largest non-typical ever taken in Delaware.             


A new state record buck was taken by Bill Crutchfield, Jr. of Charles County near his home in Newburg, Maryland. The buck has 26 scoreable points (13 per side) and a preliminary antler score of 268 5/8 inches. If approved by national scoring organizations, the buck will eclipse the current Maryland non-typical record by 40 inches, becoming the number one non-typical buck ever taken on the entire East Coast, and ranking among the top 20 all-time largest non-typical deer in the world.



This buck was taken by East Haddam with Archery equipment, and is reported to have green score 226-7/8 non-typical and is the new state record for CT.







  This 130 inch Boone and Crockett measured buck was taking in fair chase conditions during the 2007 gun season in Maryland. The buck was chasing a doe and for a brief second made the mistake of coming within 70 yards of me.  


                                                                                                                                                                           This 153 3/8 inch B/C measured buck was taking in fair chase conditions during the 1988 gun season in Maryland. The buck was taken on public land and in 1989 was entered and won first place in the Maryland Big Bucks Contest located in Frostburg Maryland .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


The 20 Best Bucks of 2012 / Field & Stream

Johnny King Buck 180 Typical #1
Craig Luscier 210 inch Non Typical #3
Quinton Picone #5
Jay Price 246 inch Non Typical #7
Fletcher Culpepper 233 2/8 Non Typical #9
Dave Hurteau #11
Dakota Owens #13

 Kevin Linsey 150 inch #15

Troy Pottenger 140 Class #17
Bill McKinley 170 inch Typical #19
Devon Moore 207 7/8 Typical #2
Dan Daigle 198 inch Non Typical #4
A.J. Downs 229 6/8 Non typical #6
Thad Cartwright 283 5/8 inch Non Typical #8
Jack Dekeyzer #10
Joshua Bruce 242 inch Non Typical #12
Don Higgins #14
Mauricio Deloera 248 6/8 inch Non Typical #16

Guinther 206 4/8'' Non Typical #18

Linet Navarro 175 2/8 Non Typical #20


Every year over 80 percent of accidents involving hunters falling out of tree stands are from hunters not wearing a safety harness. Take the time, purchase a harness, so after the hunt you can go home to  your family and not be a fatality.

Please take the time to thank a Military Soldier, Veteran or Police Officer for fighting to keep this great country free. 


Camera is located in South Western Pennsylvania, USA.  The web cam is a Pix Controller that broadcast live 24/7 all year round. There is an automated feeder which is setup to feed at 7:15 AM, 12:00 Noon, 6:45 PM, and 10:30 PM (Eastern Time Zone) on the main camera. The feeder puts out a small amount of cracked corn and sweet feed to attract an array of wildlife. There are 4 other motion-activated cameras broadcasting when animals trigger them. The camera is located in a wooded area about 30 miles east of Pittsburgh, PA on private property which is not open to hunting.
This camera is located in South Western Pennsylvania, USA. The camera is located in a wooded area in about 1,000 feet from a power source and Internet access. The current broadcast is from a carcass site in order that people can see predator animals such as red fox, gray fox, coyotes, hawks, owls, and much more. The carcasses are road killed whitetail deer that are put out for food in a responsible manner.
This camera is located in South Western Pennsylvania, USA. The camera is located in a wooded area in about 200 yards from a power source and Internet access. This is a unique camera in that we can move the location of the camera to new locations to show wildlife throughout the seasons. We can move the camera from feeding locations of whitetail deer to nesting area of birds in the spring. Live video with sound is broadcast 24/7 year round from this camera.

Eagle Nest Cam                                

Bear Cam